handmade pants


So, here's the deal. You let us create a surprise 3 pack and you will receive an awesome collection of yoga pants for only $100 bucks. The pictures above are to show you the look and fit only, not color schemes or art themes.

To get a better feel for our art, browse our store here on etsy. We will use a blank pair of leggings or flare leg yoga pants as a canvas to whip up something spectacular, unique, and one of a kind. Why so much less than the rest well, not only is it an honor, and they do make perfect gifts, but we wanted more time to play at work. Play to us is painting and embellishing one of a kind yoga pants fresh from the ideas in our head, rather than following any templates.

We are rewarding those who totally trust our work, and are always keen to "one offs" and open to artistic surprise. Now remember, by purchasing this item you promise we get to decide it all, leave it up to us, they'll be amazing we will only take note of your height and weight for sizing. If you would rather provide even the littlest of input, even the slightest suggestion, please use any one of our other design your own products. This deal requires complete autonomy, no exceptions. I look forward to creating a collection for you today, and would like to thank you for your support in making us successful independent artists. Note: no coupon codes or discounts can be used on this product. Just in case you are unsure of our supreme, practically divine skill to create incredible yoga pants, please visit couturetee. Com and navigate to our showroom page to check out previous customer examples on tristan christopher's collection page. Limited run one of a kind yoga bottoms made of an organic cotton/cotton/spandex blend embellished with original art pieces. Please read our about us & policies before purchasing. Note: every yoga bottom is made to order by an artist.

Artistic inconsistencies make every reproduction unique and yours. No one else will have pants quite like yours. If you have any size doubts do not worry.

Select a size but leave your height & weight in the notes section during checkout. Height & weight is the best way for us to nail it right the first time & gaurantees a replacement if needed.